Intentionally You! LLC Teams us with Word of Life Ministry to impact lives in the Sunnyside Community of Houston, Texas.  
This area in particular has been listed as one of the worst in the Nation, Most lottery tickets are sold in this area, we want to flood them with true HOPE! and effect CHANGE! Changed mindsets, habits, and lives!  Thurs, Fri, Sat June 13-June 15th Father's Day Weekend - Children of absentee fathers are: 32 times more likely to run away, 5 times more likely to commit suicide, 9 times more likely to drop out of high school, 37% more likely to abuse drugs, twice as likely to live in poverty, and have an increase of  teen pregnancy. Our ultimate goal is Christ, our second goal is to make these negative statistics a thing of the past!

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Founder's Corner
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"I had the pleasure of being on the Titus Works call on last Thursday. I gave the playback number to my dearest friend. Her testimony that followed afer she listen to you is so powerful. She was delivered from a bondage immediately. I will leave her testimony for her to share. We both would like to know if you have CD’s, book’s or DVD’s. My grand daughter really needs to read and hear you speak. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience." 

Because HE Lives,
Ms. Dorothy (Mama Bowie) Bowie

"I believe that it is so necessary that young girls believe in themselves and learn at an early age to love and accept themselves. I counsel too many women that could have benefitted from programs such as your had they been introduced to them in childhood or as teenagers." 
Dr. Conte Terrell

"OUTSTANDING JOB, Minister Chaney!! Our Father knew exactly what He was doing when He created you for such an assignment. The evidence is conclusive that for God you’ll live and for God you’ll die. Not another soul lost! What a credo!! Although the Almighty God gets all the glory, congratulations & respect are certainly due you."
Evangelist Tonyai Palmer

​"I never thought of myself as pretty or smart. I now know my worth and do not have to have boy’s attention to feel good about me. I am Intentional!"
Camryn 13

" When I met you in JC Penny and you invited my daughter and I to the Self Esteem Workshop and Fashionshow, I had no idea, that I would be blessed as much as she was.  I needed this so much!  
Mrs. Jesse Brown

​"You are an awesome speaker and many lives will be changed because of your ability to effectively communicate with passion and drive." 

Andre Johnson Success Coach

" Hello, Mrs. DIVA! as we at Bobby Shaw Middle school have so named you! Your dress, your style, your voice, your love and compassion, make us all love you! We have been blessed by and appreciate your volunteer work at our school! We don’t know where we would be if we had not met you. We all agree...YOU ROCK! Ps…Can you come with us to High School?”

Bobby Shaw Middle School
6th graders 2012

​"There are some people who enter you life, and you know their moment is seasonal; then their are people like you; and you know it's life-time.  You have helped me so much, my life has really changed"  Cacilie  Hughes 22

In addition to beauty, growth, and promise; The teenage, adolescent ,and young adult years are filled with challenges & life changing decisions.  At Intentionally You! our ultimate goal is to help  teens, and young adults reach their full potential, by engaging them in a continumm of programming that will provide the tools to equip, enhance, and empower confidence, responsibilty, and accountability. 
Our volunteers work with Communities In Schools- Coordinators to provide the neccessary resources to ensure success

" Through our partnership with Intentionally You! Inc.  I have wittnessed the life changing impact that mentoring and coaching teens toward success has on their ability to achieve in life.  the classes are exciting and engaging and the students look forward to attending"  
H. Robinson
Communities In Schools
Pasadena ISD. 
Our programs and services reach beyond the classroom to the community.  We serve the community through:

Involving Teens in Outreach Projects

Mentoring at Juvenile Detention Centers

Community Classes & Workshops

Church Youth & Teen Programs

We provided food,clothing
and toiletries  for over 200 of Houston's homeless population.

Dating Abuse Facts and Resources 
Founder Daphney Chaney states, " As a single parent, I searched for many years to find a mentor for my now 23 yr old son, a Junior in college.  The lack of male volunteers in the Big Brothers and Sisters program in the early to late 1990's made that search impossible. Frustrated and hurt, I cried out to God for direction . Over the years, God revealed the trials and challenges I faced raising a teenage boy were equipping me for the provocation to assist other young men on their path to greatness.  God constantly confirmed the revelation that I was called to nuture, guide, and mentor young men to become confident, successful, responsible, accountable, & emotionally stable men of intergrity; men who will stand up and lead in their homes, in their communities, and in their churches.  God has since, led and surrounded me with many young men to guide and mentor. 
"When boys don't have anyone to teach them to lead, they quickly become followers of the wrong crowd, and sources." TD Jakes.  
We at Intentionally You, believe that all young men are  "Born To Lead."
Courageous, Strong, Confident, Valuable, Beautiful, Incredible, Phenomenal, Intentional 
Meet 11 yr old Author Callie HolleyHer book  NO BULLYING ZONE! is  available at 
No Bullying Zone is inspired by Callie's own life story. This book is about an ordinary girl who finds the extraordinary courage in the midst of facing the mental and emotional anguish of bullying to not only stand up for herself , but those  
 around her as well.     Unfortunately, today we live in a culture where bullying is tolerated.  We pray that you will join Callie and us in making every place a NO BULLYING ZONE! 

To watch Daphney Chaney on KHOU with Debra Duncan live
click here  (Teen Dating Violence)
Join us for a day at the  SPA (Sexually Pure & Abstinent)Conference.  Open to Teens and Adults

How to walk in purity and holiness?  
IY Spotlight
                Miss Teen Houston 2014
                           Kaylin Scott
Meet Kaylin Scott at IY Daddy's Girl's Conference in Houston, Texas January 25, 2014
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IY Founder and Executive Director Daphney Chaney has written an excellent resource for enriching personal bible study and meaningful group discussions with young women.  From basic scripture understanding to advanced detailed study this devotional and bible study workbook is spiritually and educationally sound, culturally revelant, and REAL.  Daphney exposes satan's lies and gives practical and spiritual solutions that will help teens and young adults navigate through life victoriously.  This holistic approach incorporates the emotional, mental, physical, and financial realms to break through generational barriers and boundaries and  experience freedom, wholeness and wellness.  

INTENTIONAL- done with intent, on purposed, determined:  Intentional purity, Intentional confidence, Intentional forgiveness, Intentionally money smart &savvy and much more.........
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